The Fuller Project for International Reporting



FPIR is a news bureau that gives a voice to millions of women around the world on key foreign policy issues through high quality, investigative reporting and training. We publish articles in magazines, newspapers and online; we make film documentaries and we run social media campaigns—all with the goal of giving women a louder voice in issues that affect them, such as of foreign policy, conflict resolution, migrant crisis, health, the environment and violence.


We are on the frontlines, with in-depth research, reporting and a global team of journalists. Our offices are based in Washington DC and in Istanbul, but we represent half a dozen countries.  In our first year, we published in New York Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, TIME, ELLE, CNN, VICE, Foreign Affairs, Daily Beast, and others; we also have a feature length film on activist combating domestic violence now under production.  Our reporting is told through video, photography, social media and writing.  You can find us at and on Twitter and Facebook.