Advancing Girls' Education in Africa


In 2005, I wrote an article for the Christian Science Monitor about a woman who was supporting her family, yet her daugher dropped out of the 8th grade while her son continued in the 11th grade. The readers of the article sent money to help me start a small scholarship fund. That was the beginning of Advancing Girls' Education in Africa (AGE Africa). Here, you can hear more of that story.


Now AGE Africa is an international non-profit that has reached thousands with our mission of changing lives in Malawi through scholarships, mentoring, and leadership training. I was honored by the launch of the Xanthe Ackerman Workforce Education (WE) Project last year. 


The CBS Early Show, the Voice of America, the Christian Science Monitor, the Dipolatic Pouch, and African media outlets have featured our work. I also write about Malawi for AllAfrica and about Africa and Malawi for