I'm the executive director of the Fuller Project for International Reporting, and a journalist. I cover women in foreign affairs, education, gender, war and refugees, and other issues often in the Middle East and in Africa. I write for TIME, the Guardian, VICE, 100Reporters, Daily Beast, and a number of other outlets.


I've also been a scholar at The Brookings Institution's Center for Universal Education and at the United States Institute of Peace, and am a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. My PhD is from The Fletcher School for my research in northern Uganda just after the Lord's Resistance Army was pushed into Sudan. Based on this and my work with international organizations and NGOs around the world, I advise NGOs and philanthropies on education and women's empowerment. My speaches and commentary have been featured by the US Department of State, The New York Times, Voice of America, Public Radio International, KSFR Radio, Brookings, ABC Australia, among others.


In 2005, after writing a story for the Christian Science Monitor on a woman in Malawi who was supporting her family but still sent her son to school rather than her daughter, CSM readers helped me start a scholarship fund for girls' education. Today this is Advancing Girls' Education in Africa, and has reached thousands.


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